How to obtain RIFF box license and save it for further using :)

First of all I want to say that I have all permissions from the author of this program to share it here. So let’s go!
Many of us know that the free period RIFF using is going to the end and if you decided do not use a new paid update you’ll never get a license from their server in case if you change PC, HD or reinstal fresh Win OS… etc.
So, here is a small program that helps you to obtain the current RIFF license and save it for further using. You will be able to use your box on any PC 🙂
The program has a Russian titled buttons, so you should learn Russian in order to use it 😀
1. It works for 1.56 vewrsion only, please do not ask for any other version.
2. Download everything from RIFF server (resurectors, repair packages etc)
3. Put the program to the RIFF folder (c:\Program Files\RIFF Box JTAG Manager\)
4. Run it!
5. Tick the left button "Сделать бекап" ("Make backup" in English). After a few seconds you’ll get a message "Все готово. Бэкап в файле JTAGManager_backup.bin" it means "All done. Backup is saved in JTAGManager_backup.bin"
6. Close the program. Now you’re able to copy entire RIFF folder to any PC, HD etc and run box w\o any problem 🙂
7. How to run RIFF at any PC? It’s easy… Run this program again and tick the "Восстановить бекап и сделать лоадер" button ("Restore backup and make loader"). Tick "Ok", that’s all.
8. Now run "JTAGManager_loader.exe" and enjoy powerfull RIFF JTAG program.

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