How to Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) Fast and Safe

If you’re the proud owner of a new Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) in all its glory, congratulations! It’s one of the South Korean manufacturer’s latest mid-range handsets, with a very sleek design. It also has an updated spec sheet, which will definitely satisfy everybody who is looking for an excellent mid-range phone.

So, what do you do if your brand new smartphone is network locked?

In this case, you’re only going to be able to use it with the provider you got it from. Not acceptable, right?

Don’t worry, here’s a quick and easy solution to fix this problem, that doesn’t even require you to leave the house. In fact, you’re not going to have to move from the spot you’re sitting in right now.

How do you unlock your Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) quick and easy?

Step 1: You need to find out your IMEI number by calling *#06# or going to Settings > More > About device > Status.

Step 2: Write down your IMEI number.

Step 3: Go to, a trusted unlocking website, with lots of satisfied clients, and follow the easy peasy 3 step process to get the unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016).

All you have to do is fill in the order form with the following information:

-your phone model: Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016)
-the country and network you originally bought your phone from
-the IMEI of your phone

Then, choose the payment method that best suits you: credit card, PayPal or Skrill. The prices start as low as $ 19.00, and varies depending on the country and network your phone is originally locked to.

So you’re not only getting the code quickly, but you also benefit from the best price too!

Step 4: You’ll get your unique unlock code via email, along with further instructions on how to use it. And, voila! Your Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) is now unlocked and you have the freedom to use any gsm network worldwide.

Now you can start customizing your brand new Galaxy J1 (2016), by paying a visit to the Play Store!

If you should find that you need further assistance, take advantage of’s 24/7 lovely customer support. Or leave a comment below and I’ll answer your questions in the shortest time possible.

You can also find UnlockUnit in Play Store.

All the best,

UnlockUnit Team

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