HTC 626ph after flash model changed & CID Incorrect

HTC 626ph after flash model changed,
HTC 626Pph TO HTC 320 & CID Incorrect
My Phone Problem Is Unknown Baseband & Invalid IMEI So I Flashed The Phone
USING FIRMWARE’S NAME:- Desire 626_626g_626ph_K44_SENSE53_htc_asia_1.03.707.1_Rad io_MOLY_WR8_W1315_MD_WG_MP_V62_P4_release_2_4 by jamesjerss

0PM1100_A32MG_DUG_K44_SENSE53_htc_europe_1.01.401. 8_Radio_MOLY.WR8.W1315.MD.WG.MP.V62_P4_Release

Here are the screenshots after flash

Plss Need serious help????????????????