htc 626s google lock solved

using otg Samsung bypass method modified
(I don’t know if its neccary to use otg but when it worked for me I was using it so …..)
insert otg with software on
turn talkback on by holdingtwo fingers on main ((first )(Start) screen
go threw tutiorial ( you will need it )
swipe down and right select talk back settings
select back button (top left corner of phone) double tap
turn off screen lock
factory reset phone (this is gona be tricky and involve good timeing you only have half a second or so to hit the buttons but keep trying it took me about ten fif**** mins to get it right)

Note:you can turn talkback off once you have access to settings it makes it easier also at this point you have access to all those options that have been plageing you us :);)
-allow oem unlocking
-debug mode
you get th-e idea
-_happy hacking_-