htc 710c sprint not unlocked with xtc2cliP

htc 710c sprint not unlocked with xtc2cliP, please halp mi xtc2cliP team.

Trying to connect in Sprint mode…
Trying to connect on COM23
Checking server connection…
Communicating with the XTC 2 Clip …
Connecting to the server…
Please wait, generating unlock hash…
Process finished SUCCESSFULLY
Please restart your phone for the changes to take effect
Note: If your phone is M7 – please do S-OFF first and then unlock again
In case of calls/network problems, please do reset by:
Open phone dialer, type ##786#, wait for the menu to appear
Press MENU in top right corner and select RESET
Enter SPC code
Wait for the phone to verify the code and reboot
Phone DISconnected

i resetart phone after that but is sayes no service and there is no GSM on data settings, only CDMA/LTE