HTC Desire 500 EMMC help

Friends help memory was KMKJS000VM-B309 set KMK5U000VM-B309 is now such an error
Connecting to a dead body … OK
Detected device ID: 0x008E00E1 – RIGHT!
Exposed I / O voltage of 2.60V, frequency TCK: RTCK
Sampling frequency signal RTCK: [Sample at MAX]

Recovery procedure began.
Connecting to the device … OK
Initialization of the internal configuration of the device … OK
Loading resurrektora into memory … OK
Installing kommunitsatsii with resurrektorom … OK

Detected and initialized FLASH1 IC, ID: 0x0015 / 0x0100 (K5U00M, 0x0000E9000000 Bytes = 3.64 GB)
Detected and initialized FLASH2 IC, ID: 0x0015 / 0x0100 (K5U00M, 0x000000200000 Bytes = 2.00 MB)

Flashing a dead body …
ERROR: Timeout waiting for a response from the DCC loader. Trying to recover … FAIL
ERROR: Failed due to multiple errors in the data exchange. Stopped at address 0x000008000200

Louad laout from file, repartition
Analizing the FullImage File…ERROR
ERROR: Expected signature word 0x55AA, but found different. Cannot continue.
Analisis is stopped. So far were found: 39 partitions.

Current Phone/Image File has MBR/EBR Structure.
Total quantity of listed partitions: 39
I think need markup memory? tell me what to write in
Boot bus config [177]
Boot configuration
and what are the analogues memory KMKJS000VM-B309
hope for your help on the current you