HTC Desire U need flash file

Reading information…
Using Fastboot mode…
Reading common information
(bootloader) version: 0.5
(bootloader) version-bootloader: 1.30.0008
(bootloader) version-baseband: 1.10.34D.17
(bootloader) version-cpld: None
(bootloader) version-microp: None
(bootloader) version-main: 1.73.720.7
(bootloader) serialno: HT34NPG00641
(bootloader) imei: 356062052502085
(bootloader) product: primods
(bootloader) platform: HBOOT-7227A
(bootloader) modelid: PL1110000
(bootloader) cidnum: HTC__038
(bootloader) battery-status: good
(bootloader) battery-voltage: 0mV
(bootloader) partition-layout: HTC
(bootloader) security: on
(bootloader) build-mode: SHIP
(bootloader) boot-mode: FASTBOOT
(bootloader) commitno-bootloader: dirty-076137d2
(bootloader) hbootpreupdate: 12
(bootloader) gencheckpt: 0
all: Done!
Execution time is 9(ms)
Reading secure flag information
… (bootloader) AMSS is ready
(bootloader) readsecureflag: secure flag: ON
Execution time is 209(ms)
Reading CID information
… (bootloader) cid: HTC__038
Execution time is 7(ms)
Reading MEID information
… (bootloader) meid: 000000000
Execution time is 7(ms)
Read information completed.
Connecting to the server…
Done. Please continue in your browser