HTC M7 Problem unlocking

I have been trying for the last 2 days to unlock Htc M7 with Zpro module, all the drivers are installed and phone is rooted. Cid 11111111. here is the log of the operation.

Unlocking Phone…
Detecting Phone…
Reading Codes…
Reading Phone Info…

Manufacturer: HTC
Model: HTC One
Android OS: 5.0.2
Product Name: vodafone_uk
Project Name: M7_UL_L50_SENSE60_MR:446926
Baseband: 4T.35.3218.16_10.33Q.1718.01L
Firmware CID: 11111111
SerialNo: FA3AAW911179
Secure Status: S-ON
Root Status: OK!

The program just has a circle going round and will not unlock. please help, Regards Unlock-it:confused: