Htc m7-ul pn0714000 hang lago

Scanning devices … 1 found
dev[1] HT465W900501
Mode: fastboot
Hardware: m7_ul
Manufactory: HTC
MID: PN0710000

Device Info
Security status: S-ON
Model Id: PN0710000
Custom Id: HTC__J15 (HTC-GCC)
Serial number: HT465W900501
Product: m7_ul
IMEI: 359405052884382
Platform: HBOOT-8064
Bootloader ver: 1.57.0000
Baseband ver: 4T.27.3218.14
Cpld verersion: None
Microp version: None
Main version: 5.11.401.10
Battery Status: good
Battery Volt: 4000mV
PartitionLayout: Generic
Commitno bl: dirty-e47fb74b
Hbootpreupdate: 11
Get device information done , time used 0.30s
Time used : 0.3 s

Load "C:\Users\Bilal Telecom\Downloads\Compressed\PN07IMG_M7_UL_JB_50_S _hTC_Asia_HK_2.24.708.4_Radio_4A.18.3250.15_10.40." ok
Parsing ZIP Format
File Info:
File contain signature data
main ver : 2.24.708.4
model id : PN0714000
custom id : HTC__622 ( Asia-HK-CHT )
Hboot Info:
hboot contain signature data
size : 2047.3 KB
version : 1.54.0000
name : 8064 SPL
type : SHIP
platform : HBOOT-8064
commitno : dirty-d16dc669852a0449d1e2de06dd781b84abe1b7ef

Prepare to flashing … ok
Reboot device to RUU mode …
Wait device ready …
Check battery status … ok
Checking bootloader … support unlock
Checking bootloader lock status … Unlocked
Your device bootloader is unlocked, flash packed rom need relock it
If flash operation halted very long time, try unplug the cable to stop it
Goto "Unlock->Bootloader Lock", click "Relock Bootloader"
Device security status is S-ON
Sending data …
device: adopting the signature contained in this image…
device: zip header checking…
device: zip info parsing…
device: Read zipped android_info fail

Flash failed, error:unknown fail