HTC M7 ul will not sim unlock

So, I have been trying for a few days with the XTC clip to SIM unlock AT&T and T-Mobile M7’s with no luck.
Phones read card no problem from y-cable and I can manipulate the IMEI and the security no problem, no sd-int fails. But SIM code will not change, nor will setting to 0-unlocked work.
Have tried everything. Different suggested sd readers, different cables, different computer, dozen different phones. Sprint unlock menu. Full S-off, unlocked bootloader, locked bootloader, different OS verisons of computer and phone. Different CID and super CID, changing the IMEI and changing it back. Followed every set of instructions I could find here and else where, to no avail. I have been scrounging this forum for hours trying everything I found. Feel like I have literally tried everything.

What am I doing wrong?