HTC M9u htc_himauhl 0PJA10000 flashing failed

Bootloader unlock

via usb via mmc card failed

Reading information…
Using Fastboot mode…
Reading common information
(bootloader) kernel: lk
(bootloader) product: htc_himauhl
(bootloader) version: 1.0
(bootloader) imei: 357226065253577
(bootloader) version-main: 2.10.771.2
(bootloader) boot-mode: download
(bootloader) version-baseband: 01.04_U11440601_71.02.50709G_F
(bootloader) version-bootloader:
(bootloader) mid: 0PJA10000
(bootloader) cid: 11111111
Execution time is 15(ms)
Reading secure flag information
… (bootloader) Device security level S-OFF
Execution time is 62(ms)
Reading CID information
… (bootloader) cid: 11111111
Execution time is 0(ms)
Reading MEID information
… (bootloader) meid:
Execution time is 15(ms)
Read information completed.

i used these files but failed

0PJAIMG_HIMA_UHL_L51_SENSE70_MR_H3G_UK_2.10.771.2_ Radio_01.04_U11440601_71.02.50709G_F_release_44427 3_signed_2_4
0PJAIMG_HIMA_UHL_L51_SENSE70_MR_Orange_UK_2.10.61. 6_Radio_01.01_U11440601_83.06.50709G_F_release_445 290_signed_2_4_2

Starting flash process…
sending ‘zip’… (190463 KB) OKAY
writing ‘zip’… (bootloader) HOSD CL#576832
(bootloader) GPT is up-to-dated. [17408]
(bootloader) start@23
(bootloader) aboot_signed.img@100%
(bootloader) rcdata.img@100%
(bootloader) splash1.nb0@100%
(bootloader) adsp.img@100%
(bootloader) modem_st1.img@100%
(bootloader) modem_st2.img@100%
(bootloader) pg2fs_ship_signkey.img@100%
(bootloader) apppreload.img@22%
(bootloader) apppreload.img@45%
(bootloader) apppreload.img@68%
(bootloader) apppreload.img@90%
(bootloader) apppreload.img@100%
(bootloader) sdi.img@100%
(bootloader) sbl1-8994-1.img@100%
(bootloader) pmic-8994-1.img@100%
(bootloader) cpe.img@100%
(bootloader) rpm-8994-1.img@100%
(bootloader) tz-8994-1.img@100%
(bootloader) hyp-8994-1.img@100%
(bootloader) sensor_hub.img@BYPASS
(bootloader) cota.img@100%
(bootloader) tp_MXM11876.img@BYPASS
(bootloader) recovery_signed.img@100%
(bootloader) tp_SYN3351.img@BYPASS
(bootloader) hosd_signed.img@100%
(bootloader) boot_signed.img@100%
(bootloader) radio.img@100%
(bootloader) Update zip file OK
(bootloader) end@Done
sending ‘zip’… (402544 KB) OKAY
writing ‘zip’… (bootloader) HOSD CL#576832
(bootloader) start@1
(bootloader) system.img_00@9%
(bootloader) system.img_00@18%
(bootloader) system.img_00@27%
(bootloader) system.img_00@36%
(bootloader) system.img_00@46%
(bootloader) system.img_00@55%
(bootloader) system.img_00@64%
(bootloader) system.img_00@73%
(bootloader) system.img_00@82%
(bootloader) system.img_00@92%
(bootloader) system.img_00@100%
(bootloader) Update zip file OK
(bootloader) end@Done
sending ‘zip’… (491041 KB) OKAY
writing ‘zip’… (bootloader) HOSD CL#576832
(bootloader) start@1
(bootloader) system.img_01@8%
(bootloader) system.img_01@16%
(bootloader) system.img_01@25%
(bootloader) system.img_01@33%
(bootloader) system.img_01@41%
(bootloader) system.img_01@50%
(bootloader) system.img_01@58%
(bootloader) system.img_01@66%
(bootloader) system.img_01@75%
(bootloader) system.img_01@83%
(bootloader) system.img_01@91%
(bootloader) ERR [system] CRC ERROR
(bootloader) ERR should be 0x82a738d9, calculated 0x4808ad68
(bootloader) system.img_01@FAIL
(bootloader) Update zip file OK
(bootloader) ERR WRITE ERROR, 11
(bootloader) end@Done
Execution time is 107812(ms)
FAIL11: fail to flash via downloadzip
FAILED (remote: 11: fail to flash via downloadzip)
Flash process completed.
Phone DISconnected


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