HTC One SV PL80100 unlock

Unlocking Phone…
Detecting Phone…
Reading Codes…
Reading Phone Info…
shell@android:/ $ export PS1=""export TEMPO1=8717277;cat /proc/version;export PS1=END:$ TEMPO1Linux version 3.0.21-g1c7e7c5
Manufacturer: HTC
Model: HTC One SV
Android OS: 4.0.4
Product Name: k2ul
Project Name: K2_UL_ICS_40:300508
Flash Memory: EMMC
Firmware CID: HTC__032
SerialNo: SH31STP01008
Secure Status: S-ON
Root Status: NO!

IMEI: 3528030xxxxxxxxx
Hacking phone…please wait…

waiting 10 min but nothing what procedure for unlock, and fields for read info unlock relock etc is active , where is the problem:(