HUATool Error 9 Again for the 3rd Time

I encountered this problem twice and only fixed by Dongle Manager card update.…ht=hua+error+9…loved-2100779/

Now I got this error again.
When I tried to post in Hua Section, it was deleted without prior notice. :confused:

Please allow my card for dongle manager update again.


Card-Reader: Alcor Micro USB Smart Card Reader 0 ATR: 3B7D95000080318065B0831148C883009000 Historical ATR bytes: 0080318065B0831148C8830090 Card Manager: A000000018434D00 SerialNumber: 0007988A ROM: Integrated Circuit Fabricator: 4250 Integrated Circuit Type: 3272 OS: Identifier: 1291 Release Date: 6181 Release Level: 0700 EEPROM: Fabrication Date: 3173 Serial Number: 0007988A Batch Identifier: 2088 Module Fabricator: 1292 Module Packaging Date: 4156 IC Card Manufacturer: 2003 IC Em******* Date: 4156 Pre Personalizer: 2004 Pre Personalization Date: 4156 Pre Personalization Equipment Identifier: 00000044 Personalizer: 0000 Personalization Date: 0000 Personalization Equipment Identifier: 00000000 m_iopCard.Serial: 0007988A20881292 GP Version: 2.1.1 SCP Version: 1, Option: 5