huawei ec-315 boot repair error

Please connect the target device and power it on…
Checking data…
Medusa JTAG Firmware version 1.1.0.
Medusa JTAG Hardware S64 revision C.
Detected TAP ID: 47B360E1, IR Length = 5.
JTAG speed : 100 KHz.
VREF level : 1.82 V
CPU : Qualcomm MDM6600
Core ID : 47B360E1
Flash device: Unknown 128Mb
Flash ID : 00C855B1
Page size : 2048 bytes
Block size : 64 pages (128 Kb)
Block count: 1024
Flash size : 128 Mb
Opening "J:\installer\octopus\medusa\files\HUAWEI_EC315_Re" file…
Writing BOOT section. Please wait…
ERROR[018]: Logical block operation failed at 16 Kb (Hex address 0x00004000). Reason: Connection lost.