Huawei p7-l10 imei repair done

HUAWEI P7-L10 IMEI REPAIR DONE with sigma key

——— 2016-01-15 11:53:03 ———
SigmaKey 2.14.03b1 HiSi: Repair IMEI
Testing external RAM…2 Gb
Detecting flash…eMMC, Flash size: 16 Gb
Firmware: P7-L10V100R001C00B619, Date: Thu Mar 12 09:55:43 CST 2015
Boot Version: P7-L10V100R001C00B619_BOOT, FastBoot Version: P7-L10V100R001C00B619_FASTBOOT
Recovery Version: (unknow), System Version: P7-L10V100R001C00B619_SYSTEM
WiFi address: 8C34FD8E0FCA, Bluetooth address: 8C34FD8E1B83
Cannot read backup without ADB+root. Continue anyway? [YES]
Removing firmware protection….Done
Getting bootloader password…1322071941342551
Software IMEI: 000000000000000
Repaired IMEI: 8655421789xxxxx
Please perform Factory data reset via phone’s menu.


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