huawei p9 read bl code not ok

SigmaKey 2.19.01 HiSi: Get Huawei bootloader password
Android Adapter PCUI (COM17), Provider: HUAWEI Technologies CO.,LTD, Driver ver.:, Date: 2015-12-18, USB\Vid_12d1&Subclass_13&Prot_22
Firmware: EVA-C900B123, Date: Wed Jun 15 18:42:37 CST 2016, Provider: digicel/pg
Boot Version: EVA-C900B123_BOOT, FastBoot Version: EVA-Trunk_FASTBOOT
Recovery Version: (unknow), System Version: EVA-C900B123_SYSTEM
Removing firmware protection…^ Android Composite ADB Interface
Preparing…Please ROOT the phone first!

how to solved