huawei u8230 problem

the phone was locked to bouygues france, i used sigma box for unlocking but unfortunately i got a message unsupported phone model, i tried to flash it to other versions but i always get update failed using dload inside the sd card , so i decided to go to cyanogen custom roms ,the flash passed successfuly throw the recovery but the phone can’t read sim card and hangs a lot and somtimes restart ,i want to switch back to bouyges rom but i did not find it anywhere all links are dead also i read that there is a time machine file so if you flash it to the phone it will be able to accept any version but unfortunately all links to these files are dead.
any one who can help me by providing these files thank you

log from sigma box
using ADB mode

Version: Linux version 2.6.27-perf (huawei@l-clustor02) (gcc version 4.2.1) #1 PREEMPT Tue Nov 9 17:29:25 CST 2010
Phone model: Huawei U8230
Android 1.5; Firmware: CRB17; Date: Sat Nov 21 00:31:57 CST 2009
Version: U8230V100R001C101B282SP02
Baseband Processor: QCT SURF7201A Board
Version: U8230V100R001C101B282SP02
Reading data…File I/O operation failed

using fastboot mode

SigmaKey 2.17.00 Qcom: Get unlock codes
Android Sooner Single ADB Interface, Version 0.5
Unsupported phone model