Huawei Y330 Root Done


For Android 2.x.x:
 1- Turn-on the Phone Goto 'Settings > Application > Development'
 2- And Check 'Usb Debugging' Then Connect Usb Cable To Phone

 For Android 4.x.x and Above:
 1- Turn-on the Phone Goto 'General > About' Tap 7 times on Build Number'
 2- Return to General Tab Tap on Developer Options
 3- And Check 'Usb Debugging' ON Then Connect Usb Cable To Phone
 Prepairing ...OK
 Device Found!
 Root Procedure Started!
 Prepairing ROOTFILE(1)... OK..OK
 Prepairing ROOTFILE(2)... OK
 Prepairing ROOTFILE(3)... OK
 Preparing Phone ... OK
 Start Root Exploit ... OK
 Finalizing ...OK
 Root Procedure Finished!

 Stopping ADB Service... OK
 Operation Completed
 Operation Time: 00:00:10