I bought ZzKey today Please someone answer me

Hi guys i bought this dongle today and i have 3 question :
1. i install zZKey Suite v1.1.0 and then update with zz UPCENTER v0.308 and it done succesfully but now just zZ Huawei Advanced Tool v2.7.2.9 and SMART PROZ v1.1.4 work well and zZ Nk Unlocker v0.8b, zZ_QCOM and zZ BBFactory v0.7 dosn’t work and when i start them with right administrator it closed please tell me what should i do?

2. when i start UPCENTER v0.308 it show me 5% and another time it become to 8% my question is what is that mean? if this be 100% then should i buy credit?

3. i have Huawei P7 and Huawei Honor 6, both of this phones dosn,t start and i can just go to fastboot, whay this dongle dosn,t direct unlock bootloader from fastboot?