I can’t understand my tab model, help me

my Ubislate tab has no model number mentioned at backcover. only written ‘ubislate’. The set is HANG ON LOGO PROBLEM. I already tried short method hard reset by ‘wipe rom’ but it don’t work due to HAVE mtk 8312DA cpu. I need to flash the tab. Inside the pcb there is written ‘AL-MT8312D-706EM-D8_V1.1. 2015.03.30. fpc id of pda is fpc-070037 v2 2013.10.08. Lcd is 50 pin. cpu MT8312DA 1514-EAHHAH-BTTBH311-ATP2CX30 DUAL SIM, DUAL CAMERA. I searched many image of datawind ubslate. My tab is matching by 3g7 model’s image. Is it correct which I think? advise me. Which is the proper file?