I just bought an iPhone on eBay that’s iCloud locked


The seller stated in the auction that it was water damaged and the screen was unresponsive so I won it to fix the hardware problem.

I emailed him before bidding to ask if it was iCloud locked and he said there was no iCloud. It arrived today and I checked the IMEI online to find it was Activation Locked. I emailed this Dave guy and he said the device wasn’t on his iCloud account. I put it in iTunes and it said it’s ‘Daniel’s iPhone’ :rolleyes:

So this guy tricked me. I would rather attempt the hardware repair than return it recorded at my expense.

What’s the deal in the IMEI & Factory codes Service News sub-forum with iCloud removal services?

Can the Apple ID info (email and password) really be found in a few days?

How does it work?

Is the phone ‘altered’ after this service in some way?