I need help to use emmc pro box

First of all i’m a novice about emmc repair. I have been in the mobile fixing bussiness for years but this is my first emmc box and i never have done jtag before.
Today i got a gt-i9200 totally dead and not working and i have checked the all pcb it is totally clean there is no liquid or any other damages. The phone seems that it has a dead boot or broken emmc ic. So i decided to use emmc pro to repair dead boot. I have connected the phone pcb to emm pro interface but gave me a cmd connection error after that i have tried with emmc booster and connected to emmc ic without any error. I choosed the repair file dor gt-i9200 that i have downloaded from support and i wrote the repair file to emmc ic without any problem and i have disconnected the phone and tried to power on but it is still the same, the phone is not working and i dont know if i am doing everything right or wrong? Please help me. It would be so great if you can write a simple step by step guide so i can learn how to use emmc pro and emmc booster
Thanks in advance:)