I need Inovalley gsm 50 Firmware


I have a Inovalley GSM50 chinese phone infected by sexual virues . i use many tools and software to remove virus but no result.
the phone restart and the root gone and the virus come back

and this the phone information

CPU: MT6572 SW:0000 Ver: CA01
Downloading Boot8 …
EMMC Size: 0x00EC000000
Flash Type: EMMC
INT/EXT RAM Size: 0x0+0x0
Reading infr(EMMC)…
PRELOADER BaseAddr:0x0 Size:0x880000
MBR BaseAddr:0x880000 Size:0x80000
EBR1 BaseAddr:0x900000 Size:0x80000
PRO_INFO BaseAddr:0x980000 Size:0x300000
NVRAM BaseAddr:0xC80000 Size:0x500000
PROTECT_F BaseAddr:0x1180000 Size:0xA00000
PROTECT_S BaseAddr:0x1B80000 Size:0xA00000
SECCFG BaseAddr:0x2580000 Size:0x20000
UBOOT BaseAddr:0x25A0000 Size:0x60000
BOOTIMG BaseAddr:0x2600000 Size:0x600000
RECOVERY BaseAddr:0x2C00000 Size:0x600000
SEC_RO BaseAddr:0x3200000 Size:0x40000
MISC BaseAddr:0x3240000 Size:0x80000
LOGO BaseAddr:0x32C0000 Size:0x300000
EXPDB BaseAddr:0x35C0000 Size:0xA00000
ANDROID BaseAddr:0x3FC0000 Size:0x32000000
CACHE BaseAddr:0x35FC0000 Size:0xE200000
USRDATA BaseAddr:0x441C0000 Size:0x52C00000
FAT BaseAddr:0x96DC0000 Size:0x541C0000
BMTPOOL BaseAddr:0xFFFF0000 Size:0x0

Thnaks Brothers