i9195 no boot probleme

i9195 no read cpu can y help me and thx

Check security…OK
Initialising: SAMSUNG GT-I9195 Config ver.:1.02
I/O Level set to : 2200 mV
Box S/N: 100010170CDE56E3 ,FW Ver.: 01.52
Connecting to Target…
JTAG device: MSM8930AB.
CPU IDCODE : 0x4F1F0F0F Mfg.: 0x787, Part: 0xf1f0, Ver.: 0x4
CPU Manufacturer: Samsung , CPU Name: ARM7GEN
JTAG device: MSM8930AB.
CPU IDCODE : 0x308930E1 Mfg.: 0x070, Part: 0x0893, Ver.: 0x3
CPU Manufacturer: QUALCOMM , CPU Name: Unknown
Halting CPU…