I9300 0049 IMEI REPAIR DONE BY BST dongle

I9300 0049 IMEI REPAIR DONE BY BST dongle

Hardware:      smdk4x12
  Model:          m0
  PDA Version:    I9300XXELL5
  Phone Version:  I9300XXELKC
  Bootloader ver: I9300ZSEMA1
  Ril HW ID:REV__
  Sales Code:    AFR
  Model ID:      I9300
  Get Bluetooth info failed
  WiFi MAC:      90:18:7c:f2:e4:99
  WiFi interface:
  WiFi state:    INACTIVE
  Network [1]:    GSM    IMEI: 004999010640000
  Root Access:    ROOTED

Time used : 2.5 s

Prepare environment ...
Patching for IMEI ... ok
Prepare environment ...
Bypass MSL ...
Update device ...
Reboot device to NORMAL mode ...
Wait device ready ...
Connect to device ...
Device Authentication ...
Writing IMEI ... ok, You need reboot device
Time used : 1 min 37 s



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