i9300 EFS with IMEI

Good morning all!

This is my first post under this username as I can’t remember my older username which was quite active a couple of years ago. So hey!

What I’m looking for is a little help.

A few years ago, I gave my brother an i9300. The phone has worked flawlessly (or as good as these phones can..) since then. He put it in a drawer about 3/4 months ago because he got a new phone.

Last week I was given it to repair the screen as it was damaged. Repaired and good to go – or so I thought.
Turned the phone on and IMEI was 0049 along with no service and Factory Mode on.

My brother is not remotely literate with phones or technology so I’m confident in the knowledge he hasn’t done it and somehow, no idea how, this has happened. There is no EFS backup of the folder on his phone.

I’ve got factory mode off, I’m trying to get the IMEI repaired. Obviously I’ve GOT the IMEI number and serial as they’re both printed on the phone sticker however I’ve tried in vain to get this onto the phone but getting nowhere. Of course "spoofing" the IMEI using xposed does nothing in theory, as it only makes certain apps think the IMEI is "x".

So, my question.

I’ve managed to get the IMEI to NULL by flashing a stock EFS file I found on the interweb, I believe on this forum actually. However all that’s done is change 0049 to essentially zero.

Can someone as kind natured as they are upload (or even better yet, PM me) with a copy of their EFS backup – with their IMEI removed if they wish?

I’m not remotely looking to "clone" anybodies IMEI, simply use a working EFS to flash back to the phone the actual IMEI so the phone can be used.

Thanks in advance for any help.