I9300 emmc repair

phone was hang on samsung logo. pit partitions error.
eagy-jtag all done.
Running:Repair extCSD…
Z3X EasyJtag Software ver.
Skip loading eMMC Addon Firmware
CMD Pullup Level:763 mV
CMD Active Level:2206 mV
Box IO Level:2800 mV
CLK Rate:14000 khz

Processing file…D:\Z3X. Easy Jtag files\Samsung\i9300\EMMC_ROM1_00000000_20000000.bi n
Processing file…D:\Z3X. Easy Jtag files\Samsung\i9300\EMMC_ROM2_00000000_00200000.bi n
ROM3 Are not selected , skip writing ROM3
extCSD Are not selected , skip writing extCSD
Writing 0020000000 bytes to 00000000 …ROM1 (USER ROM)
Done. Write Speed: 2647 kB/s

Writing 0000000000 bytes to 00000000 …ROM2 (BOOT1 ROM)
Access to current partition forbidden ( size=0 )

but phone is totally dead now !!