if we always have to buy CERTS why we would buy Z3X? (Discussion).

so there is a Question rolling in my mind …if z3x Team wouldn’t search for a Solution to change IMEI in new Qualcomm devices and always just add new models to ( read or write CERT) why we would buy the box?
so in the near future when there will be no note2 or s3
we only have to buy a software that can read and write CERT and the CERT!

is it a game ? the persons who making Boxes are the same who Generate CERTS?
in my opinion YES ,how come Samsung sell CERTS ? did you believe that?
for me : NO they found a new trade and a great income by selling CERTS so the users will always buy CERTS …without updating and check new solutions and all that HEADACHE .
the same is to all other Box vendors.