@@@@ Important Note :- Softdog has been locked @@@@

Hello Guys,

Whenever you install & Run Inferno software. it’s create some files under


is it STRONGLY Recommend to "Do not Delete any of these files" whatever you Install new ver "or" Uninstalled old ver. by Uninstall Automatically "Uninstalling" will not delete those files. So, if your Inferno Key get locked or it may create any problem. We will need all those files ( all files from those folders from you run 1st time, so that’s why Requesting to "DO NOT DELETE" any of those files )

If you unable to provide us those files which software create from starting of your use. "we will not able to help you"

whatever you got any error/problem if you wish you reinstall software, then just uninstall it by "Uninstall.exe or from Add/Remove program" Do not Delete any files Manually. and as you got any problem you have to provide us all files.

if you can’t then we are sorry…

if you get an error "SoftDog has been locked" you have to post here these

1- Screen shot of error
2- tell us reason how this happen
3- go to "C:\InfernoKey_MTK\log" and make rar all files and then go to "C:\InfernoKey_MTK\tools\Dog" and make it rar. now put these two rar files into one folder ( folder name should be your complete error code) and make it compress and upload and post here link with above details. and wait
4- our supporters will reply you as soon as problem is solved

incase you not provide all those files then it will very difficult for us to solve your problem
So, Be Advised
after install Inferno software, Do not Manually delete any file.