infinity error report on rockchip cpu

Hello infinity team, just wanted to send this feedback about an error report on my rockchip tablet, branded Huawei TELPAD S7-951wd.

i am having an issue of a virus infected tablet, trying to remove virus via rockchip tool on infinity box but here was the error logs when i am trying to backup firmware:


Card found: S/N : 99A259F4 , v0130
Chinese Miracle II  [RKT Module] v 1.0

Connect device to PC!
Hold 'VolUp'+'VolDown' or 'VolUp', insert USB cable, press 'PowerOn'!

Found active FlashInterface , connecting ...
Detected : RK3066
Read Info Ok!

Operation : Read Flash [ v1.0 ]

Collect InitData ...
Reading now ...

Reading : PARAMS
Reading : MISC
Reading : KERNEL
Reading failed! Send report to support with all logs!

Elapsed: 00:00:03

what was this error implies?