Info Remote service Apple iphone 5s

Hi octopus team i have spent 8 credit for remote service apple "Iphone network finder & Simlock Status" but show no full information. i have already used this service for know carrier locked.

1 188360 013986000****** iPhone Network Finder & Simlock Status; iPhone Full Network Finder and Simlock Status; imei: 013986000******; Completed 2016-01-13 09:43:50 iPhone 5S
16GB Silver
North America

IMEI: 013986000******
Serial: F97M82******
Model Number: A1533
Order Number: ME306
Board ID: n51ap
Network: GSM
Manufacture Date: February, 2014
Production Week: 8
Phone Age: 1 Year(s), 11 Month(s), 12 Day(s)
Factory: F9 / China – Foxconn
Introduction Date: September 10, 2013
Discontinue Date: N/A
Contract Status: Unknown
Find My iPhone: OFF