Information for Mr. trashed regarding box prices and features

As per Mr. trashed request here is an information:


i would like to purchase a new infinity dongle. does CM2 come  pre-activated on new infinity dongles? also, how much for BEST  activation?
if i buy a new infinity dongle with CM2 and BEST, how much would it be. for now, i need CM2 and BEST features.
thank you for your time and have a great day.


Yes, CM2 is available for Infinity Dongle users. Here is detailed information about software and package –…llers-1943689/

Infinity Dongle do not has [BEST] included, you should Activate [BEST] For Infinity Dongle.
Activation price is ~45-50 usd (depends on reseller/country).
Please see detailed information here – Infinity-Box – Price

So if you need CM2 + BEST you have two ways:
1. Infinity Dongle + [BEST] Activation
2. Infinity [BEST] + Infinity Dongle Activation

Estimated price for Dongles is here – Infinity-Box – Price
price depends on reseller, country, taxes etc.