Initial Setup

I just recieved my UMT box and am trying to set it up for use. There are no guides online that i can find, and though the main thread shows 4 very simple steps i am having issues.

My box cannot seem to read my smart card. It has picked it up twice for a short time and i have been able to open the software once. I have installed the drivers and have nothing else connected to the PC but mouse, keyboard, and network card. I am running Windows 10 x64 on a new system i built.

I only have one error and that is that my smartcard is missing. i have tried removing it to the external card reader with no success. My unit came with no manual or instructions (though im guessing thats to be expected). I assume the switch controls which card reader is in use (in/out) though i also see a micro-sd slot.

It feels to me as though the card readers themselves are malfunctioning but i am not certain.

I do now have a driver issue on a second pc which is an unknown USB device (device descriptor request failed)

Any guidance/recommendation would be greatly appreciated