iP 5S rotation sensor

I replaced the battery in my iPhone 5S yesterday as it wasn’t holding charge for as long as it used to.

Now the landscape/portrait sensor giro thing doesn’t appear to be working. :rolleyes:

I have tried turning the portrait lock button on and off but it doesn’t help.

It also seams to take a little longer to boot up. Maybe detecting a failed sensor?

Had a bit of a search on the internet and found that the sensor is in a chip.

Does anyone have any idea’s what I may have done? A loose plug ?

Where is the sensor chip ? Is it in the front display side?

P.S To make matters worse the battery life hasn’t improved much :(.
I assume a software algrothium calculates the battery % so do I need to do anything to tell it, it has a new battery?

Thank you very much for your help