Ipad 3 Nand replace

Hello everybody !!
Its my First post and I’m not an electronic technical..
Also my English is not very good 🙁
I reading this forum 3-4 months and I decide to fix my locked iPad 3.. I have everything what I need and yesterday was my first try..
I lift the nand from the first socket pretty good.. ( I think.. )

Now my problem is .. the iPad 3 have two nand sockets, is possible to place the replacement nand to the second socket or its wrong..
I want place the nand in second socket because I think the first ( old used socket ) it’s no so clean to place the replacement nand..

If it’s not possible you think is OK for use the old socket in image ??
I cant upload photo and i have uploaded in my Dropbox ( delete the spaces )

w w w . d r o p b o x . c o m/sh/fk9yadkprjt48z4/AACuV2bE9p-Jbn0DP3TF7-v6a?dl=0

every help will be precious to me..
Thank you and sorry for my English