iPhone 4 with wireless problems.


A friend of mine asked me to repair a broken glass iPhone 4.
Well, the equipment isn’t new and there are plenty of tutorials flying around so I gave it a go.

The repair was a success (ordered/replaced with a complete LCD+digitizer frame) yet it lost the ability to detect the wireless networks. well.. most of them at least..

I removed the cover and checked inside and all the top cables were (apparently) correctly fitted and and the bottom connector (3g?) was as well correctly connected.

If the wireless hot spot (I tested with my android as an internet hot spot) is close, like 1 or 2 feet away, it detects the signal but if is a farther network it won’t even display it to be in range.

I did not try the freezing method (as I believe it is B/S) nor resetting the wireless settings as the owner doesn’t want to loose them..

I had opened the same iPhone one time before to check what was needed to fix the screen and reassembled it without any problem… No real clue why it is throwing a fit at me now…

Thanks in advance for any help.