Iphone 5s missing C139_RF Condensator – Battery drains fast

Hi there,

some days ago I boiught an Iphone 5s, which first of all seemed to work fine. But while using it for some hours I realized that the battery seemed to drain fast. But it only slightly improved.
Anyway while replacing the battery I found the lower indicator of the mainboard to be activated. But I couldn’t see any water damage until I removed the heat shield on the backside.
I directly saw a tiny stain of corrosion close to the U14_RF module, to be precise between the C139_RF condensator and the U14_RF. As far as I found out, this is chip is responsible for the GSM communication, right?

By cleaning this part with some alcohol, the stain disappeared but also the C139_RF condesator as it was already very corroded, I assume.

Maybe here is someone who can help me out in finding the issue. Could a missing condensator lead to a battery drain? By setting the Iphone in flightmode and not touching it, it will take around 4-5 days until the battery is dead.

Actually I am really unhappy with the purchase of a (supposedly) "fully working Iphone 5s" but could not reach the seller anymore 🙁

Hope you can help me out:confused: