Iphone 5S softbank relocked

I have an iphone 5S unlocked via imei 3 months ago. It was softbank locked, waited for approximately 10 days to unlock. It went smoothly, unlocked and capable of using unsupported simcards. After 3 months of using the phone prior to ios 10, I’ve decided to restore-update from 9.3.5 to ios 10.0.2. Unfortunately upon "successful" restore, the itunes says

"There is a problem with your iPhone. Please visit the Service Answer Center to find answers to all your questions about service options, warranty and other processes in your country. To find your nearest Apple Store, click here."

I disregarded the message and activated with wifi but.,,, the phone seems to be relocked to soft bank.

By the way, upon unlocking the phone and connected on itunes, there was no "congratulations" about being unlocked.

There is imei on the phone with signal but no carrier logo on activation screen.