iPhone 6, 6 Plus Unresponsive Touch Screen

Dear Members,

First and foremost thanks for allowing me to join your forums, you guys are an invaluable resource to newbie techs such as myself. I have the following issues I wanted advice on. I have an iphone 6 that I performed a screen repair on that has touch function issues. At first it was working intermittently and then now not working at all. I have seen many solutions, from retracing under the screws and reheating the IC to 280C. However as I have not seen a solution related specifically to the iphone 6, I thought I would do the safe thing and double check with the experts. Again everything is fine, there is no blue screen, I thought it might be water damage so tried scrubbing the board with alcohol to no avail. I am considering giving the whole thing an ultrasonic bath but please advise so I can take the correct steps. Again thanks to all and you guys are the best!