Iphone 6 dead

Hi I am new to this forum and thanks for looking. I have customer brought a iPhone 6 that had blue screen and now its dead when i got the phone. I removed the board and installed battery and power with charge flex only. I have excessive heat at ic u1503 it was reading 180f. So I removed the ic and replaced with another and was doing the same. Removed the ic and checked for shorts on the ic contacts and found contact c2 is showing 100ohms to ground. so I traced the short to r0206. When I remove this resister short goes away and ic u1503 is no longer hot. I checked rest of the caps that are connected to this circuit around the front and back for heat damage none found. Any ideas what to check do you think possible shorted ic? When I begin to check for short I used infored camera and u1503 was the hottest spot on the board. Any help would be predicated.