iPhone 6 Plus mic boot ID question

Hi guys,

I specifically registered here ’cause I have a problem 😉 My wife’s iPhone 6 Plus’ charging port stopped working, so I bought a new one and replaced it – easy job. Now, since then I realised she’d sound very muffled. So I bought a new charging port, and replaced it. Well, guess what, same story. It’s only now I realize that like an idiot I didn’t remove the plastic/rubber boot which is glued to the mic… and the original part of course is long gone. Apparently in practice it’s quite important for voice quality… and even harder to ID and locate.

I have an photo of what it looks like, but I can’t post links with just one post.

Any idea how it’s called (bracket? grommet? boot?), a link to a seller or at least to a proper image?

Many thanks.