Iphone 6+, short in PP_VCC_MAIN and PP1V8_SDRAM.

I checked the resistens and found out that I’ve got 22ohms around the PMIC and the WIFI cap, and near the Audio IC I’ve got don to 3ohms, if i put the probs togheter it reads 2ohms, so its defently near the U0900!

NOW! The thing i found weird, the PP_VCC_MAIN in to audio IC is defently NOT shorted?? The four caps incl C1075 shows no "beeb" and have high resistance to ground? Insteed I’ve got short in PP1V8_SDRAM, that line shows 12oms. The cap i belived cause the problem was c1025, that showed 3oms. But still i short!

So far I’ve removed C1033, C1014, C1025 and C1263, they all except C1025 looked bad. I have not replaced them.

So my next guess is the audio IC, cant find a bad cap nerby and i get low readings on nearby caps, you can allso see the burnmarka on the shield ahowing that two lines to the chip gone really hot!