iPhone LCD REFURBISHING service, Genuine/OEM LCDs/Parts/ICs/accessories in one place.

Professional iPhone/Samsung LCD refurbishing service
with commercial/industrial and reliable technology processing.

We are engaged in refurbishing iPhone LCD modules (assemblies) for over a year with good success in the activities/sales.
Capable to provide high volumes – 100-200 LCDs to refurbish within 1-2 days.

The service has currently become in-demand due to significantly raised prices for iPhone original LCDs (the case is due to Apple new policy, and the prices will hardly be lowered in the future).

Apart from the abovementioned service we are able to supply:
iPhone/iPad/iPod Apple ORIGINAL parts: Brand New Genuine/OEM LCD assemblies, IC Chips, any other items that come mainly from Foxconn (the largest global contract manufacturer of Genuine Apple’s devices).
iPhone/iPad/iPod original accessories, etc – virtually, ALL that is needed in one place!

The prices and full information could be downloaded under

If needed, feel free to make request for our illustrated price-lists/detailed info, our contacts/email are here, at the bottom.

For Brand New LCDs/spare parts we could accept small-range orders with MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY=1 (MOQ=1) for ANY item at WHOLESALE price! Minimal amount to order – $ 500. Middle-range and Bulk orders can be negotiated/accepted as well.

Safe payment method – PayPal Purchase Payment (PayPal coverage is applied for that payment way). Other payment methods are possible as well.

Our contacts:
Skype Name: i-deals (first name: mrtel)
Email: rtmr@mail.ru