iphone LCD screen broken the best solution

   In life, we are very careful because they do not fall to the ground and led to iphone, iphone LCD screen broken so,(There are demands for iphone lcd screen users can click to view) when faced with this situation, many people choose to go to Apple after-sales center to replace the screen, but it takes a lot of their own money , could not help users reluctant.

  then what should we do? I want to replace the iphone lcd screen, but do not want to spend so much money, what a good solution? The answer is yes!

  Broken LCD screen for iphone users, you can choose to buy online in the corresponding iphone parts, themselves to replace the LCD screen. To do so, not only can greatly save yourself go to Apple after-sales appointment waiting time, but also very save on costs.

  However, in the purchase of high-quality iphone lcd screen, you have to choose a regular job channels.