is verry crazy d605

imei is ok
Platform: LG Qualcomm
Selected port: COM14
Selected model: D605
Reading info…
Model ID: LGD605-00-D60510a-EUR-XX-AUG-13-201300
Android version:
Battery level: 52%
Mode: Normal
Firmware compiled date: Aug 13 2013
Firmware compiled time: 16:46:07
Firmware released date: Aug 13 2013
Firmware released time: 16:46:07
SW Version: LGD605
IMEI: 358379-05-155412-5
SPC: 000000
Fixing IMEI…
New IMEI: 358703-05-010349-5
Initializing ADB…OK
Waiting for phone…OK
Checking root access…
Initializing ADB…OK
Waiting for phone…OK
Phone is already rooted.
Skip Read/Write QCN
Reading partition…OK
Reading security area…OK
Backup saved to "D605_358379051554125_04-01-2016_23-49-03.SEC"
Analyzing security…OK
Rebooting phone…
Found model LGD605 at port COM14
IMEI successfully fixed!
Please, reboot the phone manually.

repair nvm is ok
problem no network and can’t connect after manual select network

my qcn is here
D605_358379051554125_04-01-2016_23-34-31 – Download – 4shared

please team how i can solve this problem
thanks team