J500F) remove FRP New security files ;)

hey all members 🙂
Samsung upgrade FW security to disable OTG method when the device is FrP lock
many users has reported problem in network after frp remove lock by boxes 🙁
and needs new cert Etc …
i created Odin flashable files to prevent this and to remove frp without downgrade the whole FW 😀
– download this file and extract it
" J500F_FrP_Reset_Devx "
-u will find 4 files inside this package
-over odin flash this in order
– J500F_bootloader.tar.md5 at bootloader tab
– J500F_MoDeM.tar.md5 in modem tab
– now press start
-re-download mode ur device and flash this
– J500F Frp File .tar
– after ur device work u can bypass frp lock now ( sometimes u have to use otg method and it will work after downgrade boot and mode )
– u will find that wifi not toggle ( easy 😀 )
– flash this modem again in ( J500F_WiFi_Modem.tar.md5 )

NOTE : many users already know how to bypass FRP with new security this TUT for who’s don’t know 🙂 and it’s not risky and no need for smart tools like box
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– Good Luck –