J700f DUOS after trying to flash give error now phone is brek what to do?

Hi team i try to flash j700f DUOS i download right file for phone using SN
but phone can failed to flash


[Firmware update started.]

Extracting firmware...
Unzipping firmware: J700FXXU2APD8_J700FODD2APD4_J700FXXU2APD3_HOME.tar.md5.

Processing firmware...

Flashing firmware...
Waiting for download mode.
Reading PIT.
Flashing sboot.bin
Flashing cm.bin
Flashing boot.img
Flashing recovery.img
Flashing system.img
Flash firmware failed.
Finished at local time: [04.30.16 13:20:52]
WorkID: 10598802

what to do?