Just a temporary fix for DRK error, will at least boot your phone.

Now let me explain, if you repaired an IMEI using Z3X and it now has a bad Dev Root Key and will not boot after an update or reset, this program will at least allow you to boot back into the phone so it is running again, you can root it again, write a cert again, unlock, etc. Now once you download the latest firmware for the Samsung model, ex. G920T DOI1, you will have 7 files. Extract the contents of the firmware to a folder. Then extract the contents of the tool to a separate folder. Don’t touch any of the dependency files, including odin that came from the tool. You will only copy four files to the tools folder, those being, sboot.bin, cm.bin, boot.img, and system.img. Once those four files are copied into the cell magicians tool folder, double click the cell magicians.bat, it will take about ten minutes to create a AP.tar and a BL.tar. Afterwards, use oding 10 or above and place the BL.tar in the BL slot and the AP.tar in the AP slot. Place phone in download mode and begin flash, your phone will boot after flash. This does not fix DRK but will allow you to use phone again! The Cell Magicians Tool 🙂