L720t nvm repair failed..

unit has 5.0.1 version. can make and receive calls. most of time can’t make or receive calls, still network name and signal strength are good. tried in several network modes and sim’s.

finally made backup of everything and try to repair NVM..


Welcome to Octoplus/Octopus Box Samsung software version 2.1.7
Platform: Samsung Anycall
Selected port: COM184
Selected model: SPH-L720T
Mode: Normal
Phone model: SPH-L720T
Firmware compiled date: Oct 04 2013
Firmware compiled time: L720T.03
Firmware released date: Aug  3 2015
Firmware released time: 17:22:18
Phone IMEI: 356843-05-341225-3
SW version: M9615A-CEFWTBZM-6.0.14034
Creating NVM backup
Reading NVM done!
Repairing NVM for SPH-L720T phone...
NVM repair information can’t be found for SPH-L720T phone

logs and nvm backup attached..

Attached Files
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File Type: zip NVM-SPH-L720T.zip (53.7 KB)