LCD Repair business

I am new to this forum but i have a lot of questions on help to start my small business.

First question is do you find this business worthwhile? –
i am going to buy about 5000$ of equipment to start this but it would be nice to have some success stories of people doing this to get an idea if i should or not. (going to do glass repair on Iphones with OCA)

I have made contact with local shops for their LCD and i would get 200-300/week maybe, it would be me and my dad running this small business. i understand the process but i dont know how to sell my finished product.

How do you figure price to sell refurbished ones? i see pricelists on websites to buy them, but i find nothing about how to sell them.

I want to specialize in iphone 5/5s/5c/6/6s/6+/6s+ i would need guidance to find good price to sell locally, is there a website to sell in bulk?

Sorry if those questions are not allowed on this forum as i understand why people would not want to share this information.

Thank you for your time.